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The mission of Safe Voices is to provide person-to-person, individualized advocacy for all survivors of domestic abuse and violence, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation in Androscoggin, Franklin, and Oxford Counties and engage our communities in social change to eliminate violence.

While advocating for and with survivors, we also endeavor to build safe communities in which everyone is free from abuse and exploitation.

As an agency, Safe Voices pursues our work to end domestic abuse and violence, sex trafficking, and sexual exploitation, with core principles. These include:

- Our centering of survivors in their own stories and our commitment to helping them pursue their desired outcomes
- Our belief and commitment to nonviolence
- Our demand that those who choose to cause harm accept accountability and responsibility and actively pursue change
- Our commitment to support our staff with professional development, emotional wellness, and compensation at the highest possible levels
- Our pursuit of equity and inclusion through education, examining and updating our practices, and honest exploration of biases we hold or have held, and the harm those biases have caused
- Our commitment to harm reduction and harm repair in our practices as communicators and service providers.


Safe Voices' Lewiston Resource Center at 100 Lisbon St.
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Rep/Contact Info

Maggie Ackerman
Rural Grant Coordinator
Rebecca Austin
Executive Director
Rebecca Austin
Director of Advocacy
Kimberly Bailey
Case Manager/Advocate
Lacey Barcelou
Housing Navigator
Kara Barnies
Safe House Advocate
Jennie Burnette
OVW Youth Grant Coordinator
Kim Chabot
Case Manager/Advocate
Kelly Colbath
Safe House Advocate
Noelle Coyne
Associate Director of Shelter and Housing Services
Nathaniel Dombek
BIP Facilitator
Deylen Earl
Helpline Coordinator
Bethany Earle
Advocacy Program Manager, Androscoggin County
Tami Ely-Garcia
Civil and Criminal Justice Advocate
Cristina Evans
BIP Facilitator
Diane Gallagher
Community Educator, Oxford
Jennifer Gibbens
Community Educator, Androscoggin
Julie Hausman
Criminal Outreach Advocate, AJP
Grace Hooke
Oxford Community Educator
Hilary Hooke
Commmunity Educator, Franklin
Kayla Johnson
Civil and Criminal Justice Advocate
Kellianne Jones
Reception & Operations Assistant
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Grace Kendall
Director of Development and Engagement
Julie Landry
Overnight Shelter Advocate
Ariel Lemont
Program Manager of Shelter & Housing Services
Judy Lotito
Civil Outreach Advocate, AJP
Anette Macaluso
Civil and Criminal Justice Advocate
Stina Maksimowicz
Housing Navigator
Mikki McFadden
Administrative Manager
Haliey Nadeau
CPS Liaison
Courtney O'Brien
BIP Program Manager
Cindy Patterson
Crisis/Case Management
Shazo Sherifi
Safe House Awake Night Advocate
Marta Velez
Case Manager/Advocate