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Rheap Data, LLC


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About Us

Rheap Data was founded in 2018 by Tyler Despain (current CEO) when the company he worked for was sold. In the wake of the merger, several clients were deemed “too small” for the new company, which left these clients to start from scratch in searching for a new IT Cybersecurity Service Provider (which is no easy task). Tyler used his IT and Cybersecurity experience working with small and medium sized businesses to fill the hole. Tyler took these clients in and helped them stay on their feet, making what could have been a tumultuous transition into a smooth slide. Since then Rheap Data has been striving to fill holes in the IT Cybersecurity Service Provider industry by handling technology issues with a client-forward mindset.

We work hard to ensure that our clients feel valued, understood, and appreciated with every call they make for any technology issue they are facing. Rheap Data’s mission is to Make it Better. We do this by taking your concerns seriously, no matter how trivial they may seem. Because even the smallest technology problem can lead to hours of lost work and lost profit if left unchecked. We also take a logical client-first approach to cybersecurity. This approach is represented by the heap data structure in our logo.


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